Ideas to Generate Revenue on Online Courses

There are multiple ways to generate revenue on higher ed and professional training.

Appsembler, an Open edX provider, elaborated on this challenge during a webinar titled “10 Strategies to Generate Revenue”.

Its CEO, Nate Aune, explained that there are basically ten ways:

  1. Lead generation
  2. eCommerce
  3. Subscriptions
  4. Remote coaching
  5. Premium content
  6. Virtual labs
  7. Hybrid learning
  8. Bundling / learning paths
  9. Branded sites
  10. Mobile apps

The webinar can be seen here.


Open edX Mathjax Bugfix: "WARNING: has been retired"

Many Open edX platforms broke a few days ago when the CDN that hosts Mathjax changed from to

Ned Batchelder, an engineering lead at edX, explained on Google Groups that platforms on Ficus 2 should be updated to Ficus 3 immediately.

However, this issue affects all platforms that are older than Ficus 2 (including Eucalyptus). As such, you may have seen the following error:

In order to manually apply the Mathjax patch to these instances, follow the steps detailed in this commit from edX on April 12 and add the following to lms/envs/

Then, remember to restart edxapp and update the assets to kick the changes into effect:

Mathjax’s CDN should now be upgraded and the platform be good to go!